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Things you should know about Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone found throughout the world. Cut and polished granite has been used from time immemorial for constructing the world’s most famous and enduring buildings. In recent years, natural granite has become the #1 choice for countertops for kitchens and baths in the finest homes. In addition to beautiful and durable countertops, granite can be used to beautify your home in other ways! Granite is a great choice for a fireplace surround, window sills and any place you want a gleaming hard surface that resists heat and water.

Since every piece of granite is formed by Nature, its character, as displayed in its colors, pattern and veining is completely unique.  Granite is an aggregate rock composed of a variety of minerals such as quartz, feldspar and black ferromagnesians. Each of these granite ingredients display different degrees hardness and density, no two pieces are identical. 

Polished granite is the most preferable finish for countertops in both kitchens and baths. Polishing the natural stone to a glossy finish brings out the natural reflections of the stone’s crystals to create vibrant colors. (No coating is used). Proper care and cleaning of your granite countertop will be important to protect its glossy appearance.

Granite is a porous material. All Kitchen and Bath Center granite is treated with a penetrating sealer to reduce the chances of staining or etching the surface before it is cleaned. Some common foods can damage a granite countertop. It is very important to clean up all spills quickly to prevent stains. Yearly re-sealing is always recommended.

Most granite slabs are cut to a thickness of 2 cm or 3 cm. To create a finished front edge and a thicker appearance on granite countertops, a separate piece of matching stone is laminated to the slab. There may be a slightly discernable line where the two parts join. After laminating the edge, it is polished and sealed.

Kitchen and Bath Center fabricates natural granite in all the most popular colors and patterns and in a variety of edge treatments

Virtually all countertops require seams because granite is a product of nature. There are multiple considerations in planning where a seam will be.
  • The type of sink installation (under or overmount)
  • The location of cooktop or range
  • The location of the dishwasher
  • The direction of other seams required within the same top
  • The dimensions, pattern and yield in the slabs being fabricated

Kitchen and Bath Center will use each of these variables to plan where the seams will appear in your custom granite countertops.

Samples are small sections from one piece of a granite slab that may vary from other parts of the same slab and from other slabs in the same color/pattern group.  Each slab of granite is unique.

Every countertop job that requires more than one slab or granite will show variations unique to each slab used for the job.

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