Granite Care and Cleaning

Granite Care and Cleaning

  • Granite is a very hard stone but granite counters are not constructed to support human body weight or weighted products not usually used on a countertop.
  • Granite is stone but granite is porous – it does absorb certain household liquids such as vegetable oils. Your granite counters by Kitchen and Bath Center have been impregnated with a penetrating sealer that makes it somewhat resistant to spills, giving you more time to clean them up. Certain common foods, such as citrus fruits, vegetable oils and acids, milk, alcohol and tomatoes CAN etch the stone surface by stripping the polish away. It is always best to clean up any spill immediately!
  • Granite is stone, but it CAN and DOES scratch. Please use placemats under dishes, cookware, glassware and silver or utensils.
  • Granite counters should NOT be used as a resting place for hot cookware or dishes. Always use a trivet or hotpad.
  • Granite counters should be dusted frequently and may be cleaned with NON-ABRASIVE cleaners especially made for stone surfaces. Always wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. NEVER USE cleaners containing alcohol, bleach, ammonia or vinegar.
  • Avoid alkaline cleaners not formulated especially for stone.

Accidents do happen! If a spill occurs, respond right away!
  • Avoid etching of your granite counters that can be caused by citrus fruits, coffee, wine, tomato, vinegar and mustard. Clean up immediately, using a soft, damp cloth followed by a soft, dry cloth.
  • Food spills can be blotted with a soft cloth or removed with the edge of a soft plastic or silicone spatula. Follow with a damp soft cloth and dry again.
  • Spilled soft drinks should be blotted immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Oily spills such as butter, cooking oil or cosmetics should be blotted gently with a soft, dry cloth.  Sprinkle the spot with dry baking soda and allow it several hours to absorb the oil. Lightly brush away the baking soda with a dry cloth.  DO NOT RUB. Repeat if necessary until the stain disappears.
  • With any cleaning product, including those made especially for granite countertops, follow directions carefully.

Professional refinishing may be the BEST WAY to permanently restore your granite to its ‘like new’ finish.

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