Cultured Marble

What is Cultured Marble?

Marble has been valued by eons by artists and artisans alike, for its elegance and its durability. Using modern technology, this treasured material, used to create many of the world’s most beautiful buildings and artworks, has been adapted for use in the finest American homes.

A blend of polyester resins with natural marble fillers and any one of a range of pigments is poured into a clear gel coated old. A catalyst is used to bond and harden the material for several hours of chemical curing. The recipe is varied to produce a broad range of unique colors, patterns and shapes. After the product is removed from the mold, it is trimmed and polished to a deep, mellow sheen.

Like any product that contains natural materials such as tile, cultured marble may exhibit subtle variations in shade and color from piece to piece. Your cultured marble product will be slightly varied to be uniquely yours.

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