Personal Goals

Personal Goals Assesment Survey

Completing this survey will help clarify your personal goals and prepare you for the questions your Kitchen and Bath Center professional will ask in order to create a design that is inspired by and personalized just for you.

Have you already collected ideas from magazines, websites or other sources? Great! Sharing these inspirations with your Kitchen and Bath Center designer will save time and help us turn your dreams into reality. (We have used 'kitchen' in our questions, but if your project is for a bath or another room, the importance of the Personal Goals Assessment remain the same. Just substitute your room in place of 'kitchen' as you consider the questions below.)

Print out this page and make appropriate notations to bring to your first appointment.
1. What is my main goal for my new kitchen (bath or other room)? (examples: better storage, more counter space, a more fashionable look, etc.)

2. What do I like about the kitchen I have now? (examples: floor tile, built-in oven, large sink, etc.)

3. What do I dislike most about my current kitchen? (Be specific: lack of adequate storage, outdated look, not enough counter space, etc.)

4. How long do I plan to live in this hourse?
5 or 10 years?                More?

Your answer to this question should influence your selections.
Are you remodeling to improve this home according to your own needs and desires? If your goal is your own satisfaction, now is the time to invest in your dreams!
Are you updating to make your house more attractive for resale? If your main goal is resale, a more modest investment will still pay off handsomely!

With your "inspiration collection" in hand and your goals clarified, you are now ready to begin working with your Kitchen and Bath Center professional!

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