Kitchen Survey

Kitchen Assessment Survey

Completing this comprehensive survey of your existing kitchen will help avoid design problems with your new kitchen. Critiquing the design and function of the kitchen you have will help you find direction in planning the new one and you may even be inspired with new ideas!

(If you have one, now is a good time to leaf through your idea scrapbook as you answer the following questions.)

Print out this page and make appropriate notations to bring to your first appointment with your local Kitchen and Bath Center.

Survey Cabinets and Storage
1. Is the cabinet finish marred, cloudy or discolored?  Is it easy to clean?

2. Do I like the door style and finish color?

3. Is the decorative hardware (knobs or handles) fashionable and functional and in good condition?        

4. Do cabinet drawers easily open and close?

5. Do cabinet doors close quietly?

6. Are cabinet shelves adjustable?

7. Are cabinet corners easily accessible?

8. Are the wall cabinets accessible for the main users?  Are the base cabinets?

9. Do the drawers use the full depth of the cabinet for maximum storage?

10. Are there enough drawers?

11. Are the drawers appropriate widths and depths for the kinds of things you store there?

12. Do shelves extend from the back to the front of the cabinets? (full-depth shelves?)

13. Is there enough space for wastebaskets?  Recycle bins?

14. Do I have adequate, easily accessible storage for boxed and canned foods?

15. Is there storage for table linens and dishtowels, etc.?

16. Is there adequate and accessible storage for dishes?  For flatware?

17. Is space under the sink adequate for my cleaning supplies and easily accessible?

18. Is there convenient storage for my small appliances like the toaster, mixer, etc.?

19. Can I easily access storage above the refrigerator?

20. Is there appropriate storage for trays? Bakeware?

21. Do I have appropriate and adequate storage for bread, flour, sugar and other perishables?

22. Is there enough space in the kitchen cabinets for my china, crystal and formal serving pieces?

Survey Counters and Food Preparation Area
1. Do I like the type of counter top material in my present kitchen?
.2 What kind of surface would I find most appealing – laminate, natural stone (granite) or man-made solid surface material? (For more information before you decide, check out the characteristics of each type of countertop material.  All are available from your local Kitchen and Bath Center’s own fabrication plants!)
3. Is the sink easy to clean, functional and in good shape?
(Think about the convenience of an undermount style sink and possibly using a solid surface sink product for ease of care.)
4. Do I have the right size, style and material for the way I use my sink?
5. Is the plumbing under the sink in good condition? (Do you know?  If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, be prepared to  replace the plumbing under the sink and quite possibly, in the wall behind.  It may be required to meet current plumbing codes even if it is in acceptable condition.  This can be a costly part of remodeling your kitchen and is easily overlooked by consumers.)
6. Is the faucet fashionable and in good condition?  Think about what features you would find helpful.  Pullout?  Single handle or double?  High arch?  Material and finish? 
7. Is your disposer adequate or is it only good for soft garbage?
8. Would a hot water dispenser, soap dispenser or other feature be helpful?

Survey Your Major Appliances
1. Are the appliances placed conveniently in your present kitchen?
(Think through your movements as you work in your kitchen.  Is the refrigerator across the room from the sink?  Does the dishwasher open in front of your sink, blocking free access?  Is it easy to place in and remove dishes from the microwave?  Does the open fridge door block traffic?)

2. Is the refrigerator large enough?  Do you have enough freezer storage?  Are the contents easily accessed?

3. Does the refrigerator have convenient ice, water, juice or other dispensers in the door.

4. Does the refrigerator provide safe, filtered drinking water and ice?

5. Are your ovens self-cleaning?

6. Is the cooking surface easy to clean?

7. Are the controls accessible without reaching over cooking pans and steam?

8. Would a compactor help control waste or would recycle bins be more effective?

9. Is the microwave large enough, easily accessible and does it cook fast enough?
Floor Plan and Traffic Pattern Survey
1. Is there enough eating space for the family?
(Not sure how to plan for this?  Go to Industry Dimensional Standards for guidance)

2. Is your work area interrupted by family traffic to exits?

3. Is there enough counter space next to the cooking surface?

4. Is there enough counter space on each side of the sink?

5. Is there ‘landing space’ for foods removed from the oven(s)?  From the microwave?

6. Do appliance doors or interior doors obstruct walk space?

7. Is there any counter space at a low enough height for a seated user?
(Consider children, elderly family member or even a temporary disability such as a broken leg.)
Other  Considerations
1. Give thought to the floor covering.  Would you choose the same material for your new kitchen?  Ask yourself why or why not?  What newer materials might you consider?  (Keep in mind ease of care, durability, safety and what materials might compliment other materials you would like to use such as cabinet woods, counter tops and colors. The selection of floor cover should be one of the first decisions you make since it is an important consideration for your Kitchen and Bath Center designer when planning your cabinetry layout.)

2. What material would you like for your new countertops?  Numerous choices, each with a variety of features and benefits as well as cautions, make your countertop selection more complex than ever before.  Get plenty of information on each material before you decide which one is right for you.

3. Think about the backsplash areas in your kitchen.  Plan this area for both easy care and fashion.  What materials will look best and work best for you?  (Counters may have 3-4” backsplash of matching material.  Walls between counters and the bottom of wall cabinets can be covered with your choice of counter top material, tile, wallpaper, stainless steel panels, mirror or high quality washable paint.  Use your imagination!)

4. Think about the lighting in your present kitchen.  Is there adequate light for each workspace?  Do you find yourself working in shadows or with inadequate light?

5. Is light being used as an enhancement for the design?  (It can and should!)

6. Are there enough outlets?  Are they conveniently placed?  Are there ground fault interrupters (GFI) in appropriate places for safety?

7. Is there a working fire alarm specifically serving the kitchen? 

8. Is there a fire extinguisher in a convenient place for any family user to reach?

9. Would you like to incorporate space in your new kitchen for a computer?  For hobbies?  For homework or bill-paying?

10. Write down any other ideas you have for how you would like your new kitchen to function.  (Don’t forget that fashion and function go hand in hand!  Don’t settle for a fashionable kitchen that is inconvenient or a functional kitchen that does not have plenty of eye appeal.)

For more great ideas for your new kitchen, check out the websites of Kitchen and Bath Center's brand name manufacturers.

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