Bath Survey

Bath Assessment Survey

Completing this survey will help you plan and prioritize your goals for your new or remodeled bath. A thoughtful critique of your existing bathroom design and function will help to clarify your thoughts and inspire your creativity. If you have an idea scrapbook or collection, take time now to look it over and dream!

Print out this page and make appropriate notations to bring to your first appointment with Kitchen and Bath Center.

Survey Bath Surfaces
(Counters, Tub and Shower Walls, Doors, Floors)
1. Are current surfaces easy to clean and attractive? (Wouldn’t it be lovely to never have to scour a sink or tub again?  Marble and other solid surface counters, tubs and showers make light work of daily chores.)

2. Are colors both suitable and fashionable?  (Think about whether you prefer a soothing, restful bath or a room that furnishes an inspiring start to your busy day.  Colors set the mood.  Choose blues, greens and neutrals for relaxation.  Choose bright white, yellows or reds for colors to get your heart racing in the morning!)

3. Is it time to replace your out-dated and worn tub with a new marble jetted tub complete with matching marble wall surround and a frameless glass enclosure (Not sure about the cost? Invest in your comfort and relaxation! Let the Kitchen and Bath Center professionals provide a quote for the tub of your dreams!)

4. Planning to replace current vanity top, tub and/or shower and wall surrounds?  Select the faucet suite before your place your order for new hard surfaces.  (Your Kitchen and Bath Center designer will need the specification information when drawing up your plans.)
Survey Bath Storage
1. Is there enough ‘elbow room’ in the vanity area?  (Even if you are not considering borrowing or adding actual space to an existing bathroom, your professional designer at Kitchen and Bath Center may be able to show you ways to gain storage, visual space - even ‘elbow room’ in the vanity area.)

2. Is the vanity at a comfortable height?  (While you may want to use traditional ‘vanity height’ cabinets in a child’s bath, now is the time to replace your master bath or guest bath vanity with cabinets that are similar in height to your kitchen cabinetry – much easier for adults to use.  And taller vanities mean more storage space, too!)

3. What often used items lack storage space in your existing bathroom?  (Dozens of options in cabinetry configuration and interior accessories can provide solutions to storage problems in even the smallest bathrooms.  Ask your Kitchen and Bath Center designer to show you the choices you may select from in the cabinetry brand you choose or visit the bath cabinetry section of any of our Manufacturers websites for inspiration.)

Survey Other Considerations 
1. Think about the lighting in your current bathroom.  Is it bright enough?   Does a central ceiling fixture cast shadows on mirror areas?  Is there soft, relaxing lighting for the shower and tub?  (Making electrical changes while the bath is being prepped for remodel saves money and increases your satisfaction with the completed job.  For both remodeling and planning for new bathrooms, be certain to include ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlets in your new bath plan to meet today’s safety codes.)

2. The type of floor covering should be one of the first choices you make. (The choice of floor will impact other selections.  For example:  the thickness of new floor covering is an important consideration when planning tub, shower, commode and vanity installation.)

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