How We Helped greenHAUS Home Builders Stay Within Budget and Meet Their Goal
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While we are known for working with residential homeowners on their bathrooms and kitchens, we do work directly with Home Builders to get their homes equipped with the best cabinets and counter tops for their projects.

Today we traveled to Pensacola, FL to showcase 2 homes in which we worked directly with our client who just so happens to be a builder, greenHAUS Homes.

greenHAUS homes are constructed outside of the proverbial "box."  Each unique home is constructed for maximum space utilization, sustainable living and durability. You can expect attention to detail, modern amenities and the latest engergy efficient technology in these homes.

With our contractors and builders, and in this case greenHAUS, we tend to focus on 3 different areas:
  • Help them maximize storage space
  • Provide insight on colors and new trends
  • Help them stay within their budget

Even though we focus on specific areas of the home, our goal is to always give our home builders a competitive price so that they can be competitive in the market!

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